BaleDoneen Method

Our experienced dentists may recommend the BaleDoneen Method® to help prevent cardiovascular disease. Your oral health and overall health are closely connected, and we will work with you and your medical physician to reduce your risk factors and help you enjoy the benefits of a healthy mouth and a healthy body. To learn more about the BaleDoneen Method in Rockville, Maryland, and schedule your consultation with Dr. Mina Jassam or Dr. Fabiana Steren Offit, call Rockville Dental today at 240-813-7040!

The BaleDoneen Method was developed by Drs. Bradley Bale and Amy L. Doneen as an interdisciplinary approach to preventing cardiovascular disease. It includes your primary care physician, cardiologist and dentist and focuses on a preventive protocol that goes far beyond the current standard of care for vascular inflammation. Research has shown that there is a close connection between your mouth and body, and dental conditions such as gum disease have been linked to heart disease and other systemic conditions. Through the BaleDoneen Method, our team is prepared to provide the oral care needed to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease.

For more information about the BaleDoneen Method and to make an appointment with our dentists, please contact our office today.

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